Cultural Consultant
Khadija Gbla
Cultural Consultant
Khadija Gbla is a very passionate and inspired young African Australian woman. She is an award winning inspirational speaker, facilitator and consultant. She has displayed great courage and determination in achieving her aspirations of giving women, youth and minority groups a voice at a local, state and international level. She is dedicated to her voluntary work and has utilised every opportunity to further her involvement in the community. Khadija wishes to inspire others to accept the differences in our multicultural society and with that make a difference in our society. Khadija utilises her powerful and inspired voice to advocate equality and acceptance within her community. She has become an optimistic and passionate representative of the African community.

Khadija is the Director of Khadija Gbla Cultural consultancy, which offers cultural awareness, intelligence training and facilitation to government agencies, non for profit organizations and individuals; advocacy and mentoring to culturally and linguistically diverse communities and khadija is also available as a motivation/inspirational speaker.

She is the Executive Director of not for profit organisation No FGM Australia which works to protect Australian girls from FGM and to support survivors of FGM.

She is an Ambassador for Our Watch, an organisation established to change attitudes of violence towards women and their children, Director of Reacher’s Philanthropy - Committed to Women's and Girl's Self Empowerment; and member of Harmony Alliance -Migrant and Refugee Women for Change aims to provide a national inclusive and informed voice on the multiplicity of issues impacting the experiences and outcomes of migrant and refugee women in Australia.

Khadija has been recognized through numerous awards for her vision and leadership, including 2017 cosmopolitan magazine women of the year finalist, 2016 women's Weekly and Qantas Women of the Future finalist, 2016 AusMumpreneur Rising Star and Making a difference –non profit Award, 2014 The Advertiser South Australia’s 50 most Influential Women, 2013 Madison Magazine Australia's top 100 inspiring Women, 2013 Amnesty International Human Rights Activists to watch out in 2013, 2011 State, Finalist Young Australian of the Year just to name a few.